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Whichever method you choose, be assured that your contribution will benefit the GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble exclusively and directly support the Ensemble's mission.
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Support the GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble and Celebrate the Beauty of Chinese Music

The GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich tradition of Chinese music. Through captivating performances and educational workshops, we share the beauty of this art form with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Your generous donation helps us:

  • Secure rehearsal space and performance venues

  • Maintain and purchase traditional Chinese instruments

  • Offer educational programs and workshops

With your support, we can continue to:

  • Share our cultural heritage through music

  • Foster a love of music education in our communities

  • Provide a platform for talented musicians to perform

Every donation makes a difference!
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