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Presented by GBCCA Chinese Music Ensembles & Hsinchu City Youth Chinese Orchestra from Taiwan!

Event: Chinese Music Concert
Title: Musical Feast of Music Friends (樂友饗宴)
Date: Sunday, May 28, 2023
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building
1605 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA
Free Admission with Tickets. For tickets:

GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble (GCME) is collaborating with Hsinchu City Youth Chinese Orchestra (HCYCO) from Taiwan to present a joint Chinese Music Concert on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building, 1605 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA.

The concert will be conducted by Dr. Chi-Sun Chan (GCME) and Mr. Chiang-Pin Liu (HCYCO). Guest Guzheng soloist Ms. Sheng-Yi Yang will perform at the concert as well. The concert will consist of small group pieces, ensemble pieces, and joint ensemble pieces.


Dizi Solo: Wubangzi《五梆子》

Quartet: Comments of the East & the West 《評東彈西》

Double Suona & Ban Drum: Mud Boss 《泥老板》

Ensemble: Thirty Miles Village《三十里舖》, Thoughts in a Beautiful Night《良宵随想》, Southern & Northern Tunes《南腔北調》, Dunhuang 《敦煌》, Thoughts《思想起》, Chime《旋響》

Joint Ensembles: Longing for the Spring Breeze《望春風》, Dance Music of Yao 《瑤族舞曲》

文協國樂團年度音樂會將於5/28/2023(星期日)7:30pm, 在勒星顿舉辦,1605 Mass Ave, Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building, Lexington, MA。

我們很榮幸的邀請到新竹青年國樂團遠道將從台灣來參加此次联合演出。表演節目豐富多樣,歡迎大家蒞臨觀賞指教。音樂會由文協國樂團音樂總監/指揮陳志新,及新竹青年國樂團藝術總監/指揮劉江濱,率領同台演出。 古筝演奏家楊信宜亦應邀演出。






合奏《三十里舖》、《良宵随想》、《南腔北調》、《敦煌》、 《思想起》、《旋響》



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