Splendid 35 (璀燦三十五)

You are cordially invited to the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA) Chinese Music Ensembles’ annual concert. The annual concert will be held in Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building (1605 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA) on Saturday, April 27, 2019.


大波士頓中華文化協會國樂團將於2019 年4 月27日(星期六)晚上7:30,在1605 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA 02420, Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building舉行國樂年度公演。


音樂會憑票免費入場,索票請洽TungmeiPan@hotmail.com (六歲以下,謝絕入場)


Event: Chinese Music Concert

Title: Splendid 35 (璀燦三十五)

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Time: 7:30 pm-9:30pm

Place: Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building

1605 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA

Presented by GBCCA Youth & Chinese Music Ensembles

Free Admission with tickets

For free tickets, please contact TungmeiPan@hotmail.com


This year, the Ensemble is celebrating its 35-year anniversary. Conducted by Dr. Chi-Sun Chan, the concert will consist of small group pieces as well as joint ensembles pieces. Following are the concert program:

Small group:

TaoJinLing (淘金令)

Sound Of Falling Snow(雪落下的聲音)


Joint Ensembles:

Spring Festival(鬧新春)

Beautiful JiangNan(江南好)

Snow Lotus(雪蓮花)

Taiwan Folk Song Fantasia Suite (台灣民謠幻想曲組曲)

Theme Song Suite (電視主題曲組曲)

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