Announcement: 2019 Youth Chinese Music Ensemble Audition (文協青少年國樂團年度招收新團員)

Event: Audition for Youth Chinese Music Ensemble

Date: 9/7/2019

Time: 1 PM to 3 PM

Place: GBCCA (437 Cherry Street, W. Newton, MA 02465)

The GBCCA Youth Ensemble provides an opportunity for young Chinese musicians to practice and perform as a group, as well as to allow its members to improve their performance ability. The Youth Ensemble has performed at various events. The objective of this group is to promote Chinese classical music and culture.

Audition for the following instruments:

Wind (Dizi, Sheng, Suona)

String (Erhu, Zhonghu, Cello, Double bass)

Plucked String (Liuqin, Pipa, Ruan)


Audition Items: solo peice, scales, sight-reading and rhythm test.

Audition is free, please download the registration form at our website: www.chinesemusicensemble.com, under “Contact”.

For more information about the audition such as schedule and arrange audition time, please contact Tung-Mei Pan (978)369-6656 or Email: tungmeipan@hotmail.com

大波士頓區中華文化協會青少年國樂團為儲備國樂人才,定於九月七日(星期六) ,自下午一點至下午三點在文協活動中心 (437 Cherry Street, W. Newton, MA 02465) 甄試新團員。


1. 拉弦:高胡、中胡、二胡、大提琴及低音大提琴

2. 彈弦:琵琶、中阮、大阮、柳琴、揚琴

3. 吹管:笛子、笙、嗩吶

4. 打擊樂等具有演奏能力者、歡迎參加甄試。


1. 自選曲獨奏

2. 音階(所有考生需要演奏兩個大調音階)

3. 視奏

4. 節奏感測驗。



http://www.chinesemusicensemble.com (under the contact page)

詳情請電歐陽東美 (978)369-6656 或 tungmeipan@hotmail.com 以便安排甄試時間。

文協成人國樂團亦歡迎會演奏中國樂器的朋友加入。請聯絡潘台春 (978)369-6656 或taichunpan@hotmail.com

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